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  • Store. Protect. Help keep food fresh.

    Unloc life with Ziploc® Bags and Endurables® Reusable Silicone
    From meal prep to leftovers to snacking on-the-go, we help you Unloc moments both big and small.
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Featured products

  • Front of Ziploc sandwich bag box.

    For over 50 years, Ziploc® Sandwich Bags have been the go-to choice for taking sandwiches, snacks, and other yummy bites to school, work, and play. Our secret: Making everything super simple thanks to the extended Easy Open Tabs and textured EasyGuide zipper make opening and closing the bag easy.

  • Front of Ziploc large freezer bag box.

    Need to easily store meat, poultry or bulky soups and broths? Ta-da! Ziploc® Freezer Bags are your indispensable ally. The Double Zipper seal helps lock in freshness with confidence you can see, feel and hear — from edge-to-edge, across the entire bag. Plus, it helps prevent freezer burn, meaning less food waste.

  • Front of Ziploc large pouch.

    Some call the Ziploc Endurables® Large Pouch a game-changer...and we can’t agree more. Made with durable, reusable platinum silicone, these half-gallon pouches are designed to go from the freezer to the oven to the table in a snap. So whether you’re storing leftovers or reheating for the family, making the most of your meals has never been easier.

Meet our Ziploc® Storage Bags

Meet our Ziploc® Storage Bags that keeps strawberries fresh up to 2x longer vs store packaging.*

Whether you're storing meats, vegetables, leftovers, or pantry essentials, Ziploc® Storage Bags have you covered.

*when refrigerated

Bag filled with Strawberries

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